Jure Novak is a theatre director, performer, author and translator.

He studied philosophy and sociology of culture at the University of Ljubljana until 2002, when he was accepted into a theatre directing course at the Ljubljana Theatre Academy.

During and after his studies, he has collaborated with some of Slovenia’s most prominent directors as assistant and dramaturge.

He graduated in 2006 with a rendition of Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom.

Since then, he has directed and executed several projects, mostly devised theatre, recently of note: a devised piece on personal politics Socrates, Slavoj and the Sophists in Ljubljana’s SMG; a well received rendition of M. Bartlett’s ContractionsThe Ministress, an agit-prop lecture performance that opened the 6th Prelet festival; Jure Novak: Reasons to be happy, an original performance on depression; By the People, For the People, a devised theatre piece on censorship; and On Princip(le), a musical about G. Princip.

Between 2007 and 2010, he was the artistic director of Glej, Slovenia’s oldest independent theatre.

In recent years, he has been working mainly in the fields of the performing arts and literature. His works have frequently been hosted by international festivals.

Original works

2017 An Orgy, Glej, Ljubljana; author, performer
S. Makarovič, J. Novak: Dog and Pony Show, SMG in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana; concept, script, director
2016 M. Požlep:Stranger Than Paradise, Glej, Ljubljana; drmaturgy and video
2015 S. Makarovič: Pekarna Mišmaš, SLG Celje; adaptation and directing
Katarina on demand, Glej, Ljubljana; author, performer
Three year rotation with fallow, Celinka, Ljubljana; author, musician
2014 Socrates, Slavoj and the Sophists, SMG, Ljubljana; author, concept, director
2013 ’68, EN-KNAP, Ljubljana; dramaturgy
M. BartlettContractionsSLG Celje; translation, director
T. Etchells and A. Hampton: The Quiet VolumeExodos Festival, NUK, Ljubljana; translation, adaptation, director
2012 GromPerforma Festival, MKC, Maribor; author, performer
The Ministress, a lecture performance, SMG and Glej theatre, Ljubljana, author, director
2011 I. Cankar: All for the people, show for high school audiences, Šentjakobsko gledališče, Ljubljana; director
Jure Novak: Reasons to be happy, a performance on depression,  Glej theatre, Ljubljana; author, performer
Old songs, collection of poetry, Apokalipsa Publishing, Ljubljana; author
Fallow, spoken word performance, Zavod Poza, Ljubljana; author, performer
2010 A. Makine: Dreams of My Russian Summers, performance for high-schoolers, Šentjakobsko gledališče, Ljubljana; director, adaptation
S. Semenič:, MGL, Ljubljana; director
By the People, For the People!Maska and Glej, Ljubljana; director and author
2009 On Princip(le), agit-prop musical on Gavrilo Princip, Glej theatre, Ljubljana; director and author
A time of bloom, ad-hoc project, Glej Theatre, Ljubljana; author, performer
2008 Novak’s wee onePoza, Gledališče Glej, Ljubljana; author, performer
2007 M. Bor: The return of Blažoni, Šentjakob Theatre, Ljubljana; director
Luštek & Hribar: Dance me out please, BELEF Festival, Belgrade and Ljubljana Dance Theatre; dramaturg
T. Stoppard: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, MGL theatre, Ljubljana; director and translator
2006 C. Churchill: Vinegar Tom, SMG Theatre, Ljubljana; director and translator
Pret-a-Portrait, intermedia installation, Intima institute and Kapelica gallery, Ljubljana; author, performer
A. Barrico: Nineteen Hundred, E.P.I. center, Ljubljana; director, adaptation
NSK: Baptism under triglav, digital reconstruction, Maska productions, Ljubljana; author
2005 E. Hrvatin: We are all Marlene Dietrich FOR, Maska productions, Ljubljana; video
W. Shakespeare: [štiršekspir] (Hamlet, R&J, Macbeth), Academy production, Ljubljana; director

Collaborations, other

2012 founding member and vice-president of the Slovenian directors’ society
2007 – danes organization and execution of a series of workshops in the performiming arts and literary fields, among which:

  • professor of devised theatre at the Art high school, Ljubljana.
  • main menthor of Studio Art, Trieste.
  • young playwrights’ workshops as part of the Preglej naglas! festival
  • Intervantions in public space, devised theatre workshop as part of Kamfest festival
  • Value added, performing workshop for writers and poets, Trubar house of literature
2007 – 10 artistic director of Glej Theatre, Ljubljana
2002 – now published translator of mainly drama, literature and the humanites
2001 – now editorial board member of Apokalipsa publishers
2008 graduated as BA of Theatre and Radio Directing
2008 assistant director to I. Talijančič: Malfi, SMG, Ljubljana
2006 assistant director to M. Berger: Galilelo Galilei, APT theatre, Novo Mesto
2005 assistant director to S. Horvat: Alamut, Slovene National Theatre Drama
2002 – now translator and journalist for Maska theatre journal
2001 – 03 technical director of Vilenica literary festival
1999 – 01 journalist for Mladina magazine
1999 – 02 studied Philosophy and Sociology of Culture at University of Ljubljana